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Amstel Brewery (the brewery behind Amstel Beer) was founded in 1870 in the Netherlands and is currently owned by Heineken International. The brewery was named after the Amstel River, a river in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. There are a few beers sold under the Amstel branding: Amstel Lager, Amstel Light, Amstel 1870, Amstel Free (in France), Amstel Zero and Amstel Ultra Light (in Mexico). The Amstel logo uses simple elements, but even so is still recognisable all over the world: a golden ring, half filled with red, and the “Amstel Bier” wordmark. These simple shapes and elegant colors symbolize the high quality of their drinks and it also pays homage to their history. The two-tone geometric figure on the Amstel logo also represents a billiard ball, and it was found on old brewery logos.