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Arizona Diamondbacks Old
The Arizona Diamondbacks (also nicknamed the D-backs) are an American professional baseball team from Phoenix, Arizona. They compete in the MLB as a member club of the West Division of the National League. The team was established and started playing in 1998 and in 2001 they managed to win a World Series championship by beating the New York Yankees. The Arizona Diamondbacks logo has undergone a couple of changes throughout the years. In 1998 their logo featured quite a different color scheme when compared to newer iterations, those old colors being purple, copper, black and off-white. The newer logos switched those colors to red, black and a sandy color (known as sonoran sand) for the outline. Besides the color scheme change, the basic shape of the logo remained roughly the same, a stylized “A”, where the crossbar of the letter was replaced for a snake’s tongue. The other notable change to the Arizona Diamondbacks logo was the exclusion of the word “Diamondbacks” from underneath the stylized “A” in 2012.