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The Cincinnati Reds are a baseball team based in Cincinnati that was established in 1881. They have won a total of five World Series championships and their total winning percentage (as of 2020) stands at a .505. Their current owner is Bob Castellini, and the president of baseball operations and general manager is Nick Krall. The Cincinnati Reds logo has remained somewhat consistent throughout the years, with slight alterations to color scheme and font, the only exceptions to this consistency were the logos used in 1954 and 1972, where the team opted to use an anthropomorphic baseball as their centerpiece. The current logo features a stylized “C” that stands for Cincinnati, with the word “REDS” written inside it. The text in the logo is white, and it sits on a red background. This style of the Cincinnati Reds logo has been used since 1913, only exceptions being the previously mentioned years.