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The Colorado Rockies are a baseball team based in Denver and were established in 1993. The team is also known by its nicknames, those being The Rox and The Blake Street Bombers. The primary owners of the Colorado Rockies are Charles K. Monfort and Richard L. Monfort, and their team currently has a win percentage of .471. Due to the fairly short history of the team, the Colorado Rockies logo has had only one change. The 1993 logo featured the wordmark “COLORADO” written in silver, inside a black arch. Under the black arch you could see a representation of the Rocky Mountains standing above another silver wordmark that reads “ROCKIES”. In 2016 the team decided to change the logo and the current Colorado Rockies logo has a much simpler design that consists out of two elements, the letters “C” and “R” in the same black and silver color scheme. Those letters being the initials of the team.