Fanta logos


Fanta is a brand of fruit soda created by Coca-Cola Deutschland in 1940. It was originally a German substitute for Coca-Cola, as the original Coke flavour could not be made in Germany due to the American trade embargo. It is available in many different flavours, but the most popular one is orange. The original Fanta logo was just a bold and black wordmark, where the “F” had a fancy elongated tyle. The 1962 logo consisted of a light blue and white color scheme. “Fanta” was written in white on a light blue rectangle, with its top side arching down, resembling a smile. The current Fanta logo was adopted in 2016 and with it came a new boxy look. The wordmark is written in bold sans-serif, where each white letter is outlined in purple. The green leaf featured on top of the “N” is now larger, and the whole wordmark is placed on a solid orange background.