Ferrari logos


Ferrari is an Italian car manufacturer that specialises in luxury sports cars. The company was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari. Their first car was produced in 1940, but their first Ferrari-badged car was built in 1947. Ferrari is also extremely well known for their iconic red car paint known as “race red” or Rosso Corsa (in Italian), this being the customary national racing color of Italy. The Ferrari logo features the Cavallino Rampante or (in English) the “prancing horse”, a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield, most commonly seen with the letters “S F” on the bottom of the insignia (S F standing for Scuderia Ferrari). On the top of the insignia you can also find three stripes of green, white and red, the Italian national colors. Ferrari is an Italian-based luxury sports car manufacturer, specifically located in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari was originally founded by Enzo Ferarri in 1939 from the Alfa Romeo Race division. The current CEO is John Elkann, and the company now has a parent organization Exor and is a subsidiary of Scuderia Ferrari. The logo normally is seen with a shield (sometimes depicted in yellow) with a stallion rearing on the front of it. The initials are the brand’s name are often seen below, and yellow, white, and green stipes are seen at the top, similar to the flag of Italy.