Ford logos


Ford Motor Company (or Ford) is an American car manufacturer headquartered in the US. The company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. Ford is the second-largest US car manufacturer (behind General Motors) and the fifth largest in the whole world. As of 2021 Ford Motor Co. owns two car brands, those being Ford and Lincoln. The Ford logo is easily recognizable because of its simplicity. Its a blue and white flattened oval, with the word Ford written inside it, in a stylized font. The blue in the Ford logo is meant to symbolize the excellence, strength and grace of the company, and the white ring and name depict nobility, purity and elegance. Ford is an American, international motor company, famous for its popular, yet cost-worthy (and effective) cars. It was originally founded by the now-famous Henry Ford back in 1903. The company now sells its affordable/regular cars under the ford name, and its luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. The Ford logo starts with a large blue oval on its side (with a small white line bordering it on the inside). The Ford name is often seen in this circle, in a cursive, yet still easy to read font. The F of ford is very iconic, with flourishes coming out from both sides.