Holden logos


Holden (formerly known as General Motors-Holden) was an Australian car brand owned by General Motors. The company was founded in 1856 and it started as a saddle manufacturer in South Australia, but in 1908 they decided to move into the automotive field and in 1931 they became a subsidiary of General Motors. The Holden logo refers to a prehistoric fable nicknamed “Lion and the Stone”, and it is a graphical representation of the invention of the wheel. According to the fable the wheel was invented after people saw lions rolling stones. Besides the link to the fable, the lion on the Holden logo symbolizes power and might, conveying that the brand is a reliable and confident one. Formerly known as General Motors-Holden, Holden is an Australian automaker company. They are currently located in Port Melbourne, Australia. They were originally founded in 1856 by James Alexander Holden in Adelaide, Australia. Most people love Holden due to the beauty and functionality of the cars, often citing that they can save you on gas mileage. The icon of the Holden logo is a lion rearing to roar. This is often encircled and depicted either in red or silver color. Depending on where you see it, the company’s name can also be listed under in a rounded font.