Jeep logos


Jeep is a car brand founded in 1943 in the US, and that is currently owned by Steallantis. Jeepís current product range is fairly short. Currently they manufacture only crossovers and full SUVs, but they do have one pickup truck. In the past their product range included more pick-ups, small vans and a few roadsters. The Jeep logo is fairly simple, itís the company name, in a bold and simple style. Under that you can find a design that looks similar to the grill of a car (or a Jeep), in between to circles that represent the headlights. Currently the Jeep logo is depicted in a dark-green color, this signifying the companyís military past, as they have quite a lot of history with the US military. Jeep is a automaker company originally based in the United States, now owned by European company Stellantis. Jeep has also been a part of the Chrysler brand, after Chrysler gained Jeep (among other brands) from the American Motors Corporation. Among itís other cars, jeep has become extremely popular due to its models such as the Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep logo is simply the name of the brand, in very simple lettering (almost like one on any typing program). Sometimes a representation of the Jeep hood is also put underneath the lettering, making the brand very unique and recognizable.