Lamborghini logos


Lamborghini is an Italian car brand and manufacturer that specializes in luxury sports cars and SUVs. As of 2021 Lamborghini is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Lamborghini was founded 58 years ago, in 1963, by Ferruccio Lamborghini to compete with Ferrari, and their first models were released in the mid 1960s. The Lamborghini logo stands out as it has a golden bull in an attacking stance on a black background. The reason for having a bull as the logo is fairly simple. Ferruccio Lamborghni was known to be interested in Spanish bullfighting. Besides that, another reason for why the Lamborghini logo has a bull is that the bull (or Taurus) is Ferruccio Lamborghiniís zodiac sign. The bull can also signify the strength of the cars. Another thing of note when it comes to the logo is the distinctive shield shape of the insignia. Labmborghini is an Italian manufacturing brand of luxury automobiles and SUVs. The company is currently owned by the Volkswagon group through Audi. Lamborghini was originally founded by Ferruccio Lambourghini in 1963 SantíAgata Bolognese, Italy. Going down as one of the most lavish car brands, Lambourghini has made itís name in history through film and pop culture. The Lambourghini logo is normally in the shape of an iconic shield/badge, with a great gold bull on the front. The badge is normally outlined in gold, and the brandís name is listed predominantly on the top in simple bold letter.