Los Angeles Angels logos


The Los Angeles Angels have had their name changed a couple of times since they were established in 1961. They started off as the Los Angeles Angels, but their name was changed to the “California Angels” in 1965, to the “Anaheim Angels” in 1997, and in 2016 it went back to their current name. The team has won one World Series championship in 2002. The Los Angeles Angels logo has gone through a couple of iterations since the team's inception in 1961, but it has always kept an angelic theme. Their first logo leaned heavily into the angelic motif by having a winged baseball with a halo on top. The letters “LA” are in the middle of the baseball, and the ball itself is centered inside a bright green rhombus with a white outline. The current Los Angeles Angels logo doesn’t lean as heavily into the angelic theme, but the motif is still present. The 2016 logo features a dark red letter “A” with a blue outline on a white background, the halo is silver and sits on the sharp peak of the letter.