Los Angeles Dodgers logos


The Los Angeles Dodgers were established in 1883 in Brooklyn, and are currently based in Los Angeles. They have won a total of 7 World Series championships, and a record of 24 National League pennants. This coupled with the fact that eleven NL MVPs played for the team, makes the Dodgers one of the most successful franchises in the MLB. The Los Angeles Dodgers logo has adopted a simple style. Their current logo features a blue wordmark that says “Dodgers”, written in a cursive and elegant style, with a red baseball rising above it, casting rays of light behind it. Older Los Angeles Dodgers logos were different, but still simple. The 1938 logo was just the blue wordmark “Dodgers” in a similar cursive style. The 1952 logo had the wordmark inside a brown rhombus, and there was a baseball placed above the letter “G”.