Milwaukee Brewers logos


The Milwaukee Brewers are a baseball team based in Milwaukee. They were established in 1969 as the “Seattle Pilots”. That name was changed to “Milwaukee Brewers” in 1970. Their winning percentage sits at .481, with an overall win-loss record of 3,942-4,248 from 1969 to 2020. The Milwaukee Brewers logo has gone through several changes, and it is thought that the 1978 version is the most well known one. The 1978 logo featured a stylized fist. holding a baseball. The fist was made out of two lowercase letters, “M” and “B”, coloured in a bright blue with a yellow outline. The current Milwaukee Brewers logo features the same stylized fist, but this time it’s placed on a dark blue circle in a yellow frame that contains the team’s name. The bright blue inside the fist was also replaced with the same dark blue.