New York Mets logos


The New York Mets are one of two MLB teams based in NYC, the other one being the New York Yankees. They were established in 1962, and since then they have won 2 World Series championships (in 1969 and 1986) and 5 NL Pennants. Since 2020, the New York Meets have been owned by Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager. The New York Mets logo has remained almost the same since 1962. This logo is made out of two overlapping letters, “N” and “Y”, placed vertically. The ends of those letters are curved, resembling animal horns. Also in 1962 the primary New York Mets logo became the circular crest with an orange outline that resembles a baseball. Inside the baseball you can find “Mets” being written in bold, cursive letters. Behind the wordmark, there is a landscape made out of skyscrapers.