New York Yankees logos


The New York Yankees are one of the best professional baseball teams in America. They were established in 1901, and since then they managed to win a total of 27 World Series championships and 40 AL Pennants. The Yankees are also one of the most valued sports franchises in the world. The New York Yankees logo looked almost the same for more than a century, but even so it went through several changes. Their first logo was an orange “O” on a black background. The reason for the “O” in the logo was the team’s name, the “Baltimore Orioles”, at the time. In 1903, they introduced their first logo that featured the initials of New York. That logo was made out of two ornate letters, “N” and “Y”. In 1909 they introduced the prototype for what would become their main logo. That prototype being the gothic-styled “NY”, colored in blue. The current New York Yankees logo is essentially the same as the 1909 version, but more refined. The color was also changed from blue to a calm black.