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Pittsburgh Pirates P
The Pittsburgh Pirates were established in 1882 under the name Pittsburgh Allegheny. Throughout their long history they managed to win 5 World Series championships and 9 NL Pennants. They have also made three appearances in the Wild Card Game. The team is owned by Robert Nutting and their general manager is Ben Cherington. The Pittsburgh Pirates logo has had two main styles throughout the team’s history, they featured either a capital “P” or a stylized pirate’s head. Their first logo was a blue “P” written in an elegant way, with smooth and sharpened lines. The 1934 logo was their first logo to feature the pirate head, in a monochrome design, with the words “The Pirates” under it. The current Pittsburgh Pirates logo is just a yellow “P” with a custom typeface. Even so, the logo has a strong visual identity with sharp angles, and arched bars, making the letter look almost axe-like.