Tesla logos


Tesla is an electric car manufacturer based in California, United States. It was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Trapenning and the company name was chosen to pay tribute to the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s first car was the Roadster, a sports electric car produced in 2009. This was followed by the Tesla Model S produced in 2012, the Tesla Model X in 2015, the Tesla Model 3 in 2017 and the Tesla Model Y in 2021. The Tesla Model 3 currently holds the title of the all-time best-selling electric car. The Tesla logo, besides being a stylized “T” that stands for the company name, it also represents the cross-section of an electric motor designed by Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk (the company’s CEO) said that the “T” in the Tesla logo represents one of the poles that stick out of a motor’s rotor.